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The PoleFit line by Bad Kitty gives women the confidence they need to master the art of pole dancing and fitness. With the help of our pole stars and the pole dance community we have created a line that provides the coverage that you need with the look that you want. 


Bad Kitty's PoleFit line of fitness apparel was specially created for Pole Fitness Athletes by Pole Fitness Athletes. Over 9 months of research and development have gone into the design, cut and performance of each item in order to provide the highest quality Pole Specific apparel ever created.



PoleFit has been cut and styled with Pole Fitness functionality in mind every step of the way. From the placement of seams to the width of the crotch & support on the tops, each style has been tested and retested by these top Pole Fitness Athletes to insure that everything stays in place during even the most technical and difficult maneuvers.


Unlike most athletic apparel which use "full wicking" fabric to draw moisture to the surface of the garment. PoleFit uses a custom "partial wicking" fabric which still draws moisture from your skin, but retains it within the garment in order to prevent it from making contact with the pole or your exposed skin. This negates the effects of slipping or losing grip while executing holds and transitions.

In addition, the PoleFit fabric is a 4 way stretch micro fiber that distributes the fit evenly across the body creating a "second skin" feel while avoiding common trouble issues such as "muffin top" or tightness around the thigh.


19 years in business, J. Valentine has done pretty well for itself. The "little company that could" is now a multi-million dollar organization that has relationships with numerous boutiques and websites all around the world retailing our products. To this day, we're busting at the seams in our third warehouse, and only continue to grow by leaps and bounds. It was done by providing the highest customer service and pouring the highest quality possible into everything that we offer.


Over the years we've been fortunate enough to have our clothing appear in numerous advertisements, television shows and movies. Credits include Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged me, Grown Ups, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, The Girls Next Door, My Super Sweet Sixteen, Married to Rock and we also provided the wardrobe for the movie Dollface." (Matthew Valentine)


Coming from California, we are so proud to bring in these products for you! 



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