Dharma Bums Yoga and Activewear

Our Mission

To provide you with yoga and activewear clothing to keep you comfortable, active and looking good whatever your Dharma, whilst ensuring we respect, honour and do not hinder the Dharma of others in this process.

Our Story

Dharma Bums was born when I found and embraced my own Dharma of practicing and teaching yoga 5 years ago and combined this with my passion and experience in the fashion industry.

One of the key drivers in launching the brand was my frustration that the clothes I wore to practice yoga were not often made in the tenants of the yoga teachings. I have spent many years working in fashion buying and merchandising traveling the world visiting factories where many of the garments are made. I have witnessed the long working hours, the poor conditions and the low pay. I wanted to create a brand that did not participate in unfair treatment of others, giving people the choice to shop more consciously.

Dharma Bums aims to provide a beautifully designed yoga and activewear collection that can take you effortlessly from the studio to the street. The design and the print of the garment offers the versatility of being perfect as an activewear garment whilst looking equally as stylish when worn off the mat as street wear.

All Dharma Bums clothing is designed, printed and made here in Australia, close to the home of the head office. By working closely with our partners in the supplier chain we are able this ensure ethical and fair working conditions to all those involved in helping us bring the product to you. 

Environment:  At Dharma Bums we think it is important to be eco friendly wherever we can. We only use recycled paper for all of our stationary, packaging and promotional material. We do not use any harsh chemicals in the dying of our garments.

By working closely with our supply base and having it close to home we are able to make to order thus we have extinguished the need for excess stock which creates unnecessary waste and landfill.

We have a great love and respect for the animals we share our planet with. Therefore we do not use any animal products in the making of our garments.