Inner Fire Apparel

Our Story

Inner Fire was founded by yoga teacher and artist Leah Emmott. In late 2011, Leah had to undergo emergency surgery for an ovarian cyst that had grown to the size of a grapefruit. After the surgery, she was ordered to take an entire month off from her job as a yoga teacher and fitness instructor. The time off allowed her to explore her creative side, and since she was stuck at home, she figured she would use her time to make some Christmas gifts for her friends. So she brushed off her old sewing machine and started making meditation cushions. She gave her friends the cushions and they said "these are nice, you should sell them!" She thought "well, if I start selling these, I should probably call it something!" The name Inner Fire came to her mind because she felt like the cyst in her belly was replaced by what yogis call "Agni", an internal fire that allows us to live our passions.

From there, Leah started to expand her line of yoga props and started dappling in screen printing. Her first design was a yogic play on the word "community" - c(OM)m-UNITY ™. From there, the ideas just kept flowing and her many designs came to life, one screen print at a time. She is the original creator of the slogan "I'M JUST HERE FOR THE SAVASANA™". She now has many designs that reflect her quirky yet uplifting take on yoga and inspired living.

We create yoga apparel that honours our mother earth. Our leggings are locally made from recycled water bottles and are BPA free. Our garments are sweatshop-free and are made in North America. 

Our shirts are hand-printed in Vancouver, BC using water-based inks. Because of the eco-friendly nature of the inks, it's normal for them to fade a bit over time. It's better than putting harmful oil-based inks and chemicals down the sink! Our shirt blanks are ethically made in the US. 

Our leggings are made from recycled polyester (derived from recycled plastic bottles) and are made in small batches in Vancouver, BC.

Inner Fire’s Core Values

  • Respect for the planet
  • Nurturing of global community
  • Helping one find their inner passion
  • Promoting peace through positivity, laughter and mindfulness