In 2001, a family set up a small shop in the Brás neighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil. Their intention was to produce and sell high quality fitness clothing and swimwear at affordable prices for their customers.

Through word of mouth their reputation soon grew and the increasing popularity saw several stores open throughout São Paulo. As demand continued to grow, the company needed to expand: the family invited other entrepreneurs to come under the Liquido brand. The company now has over 80 stores throughout Brazil.

Super comfortable and yet so functional, you will quickly become addicted to the buttery soft, quick drying and beautiful fabric that fits your body.

All these Liquido styles are super limited edition - once the print sells out we are seldom able to restock / backorder them - shop now! 

Every Liquido product is unique so yours may vary from the picture you see on the website. Liquido ladies are one of a kind and your clothes are too!

 NEW collection online (May 2021)