Yoga Design Lab - Mats & Towels

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"The idea for Yoga Design Lab started while on vacation in Bali. I was seated in the back of a packed class at the well-known mecca for yoga, Yoga Barns. Looking around, all I saw was a sea of unoriginal, mass produced, solid colored yoga mats. My thinking was, there must be a way of creating a highly function product that was also aesthetically beautiful. The inspiration grew and I knew I wanted to design mats that would make people excited about practising yoga. 

So the journey began. Long story short, I sold my stuff, packed up a couple of bags and moved to Bali with the goal of creating a line of yoga accessories that would inspire people from around the world. 

Blending fashion-forward design elements with innovative functionality and bio-renewable consciousness is key to the Yoga Design Lab approach. From our insulated stainless steel water bottles to our hot yoga mats comprised of biodegradable natural tree rubber, to the water based inks used in our printed designs, we can all make a difference with the products we buy. "

Chad Turner, Creative Director


Combo Mat : 1.8 kg ( thicker, provides more cushioning, 3.5mm, like a towel + mat together) 

Travel Mat : 0.8kg ( 1 of the lightest mats around in the market if not the lightest, thinnest in the Yoga Design Lab mats family ,1mm, foldable, lightweight, great for carrying to outdoor yoga sessions) 

The Combo & Travel Mats all feature a sustainable tree rubber base adhered to a velvety soft microfiber (made from recycled plastic bottles!) top offering superior grip while absorbing sweat. In fact, the more you sweat the better your grip!

Infinity Mat : 2.8kg ( thickest of the lot, provides the most cushioning, 5mm, soft to the touch, textured pattern)

*NEW Infinity Mat : 1.6kg ( like the classic Infinity Mat and thinner - 3mm instead of 5mm, 1.6kg instead of 2.8kg)

Hot yoga towel: Lightweight, to be laid over a yoga mat to prevent slipping and for hygiene purposes. 

What is the difference between the Combo Mat and Infinity Mat?

Our Combo Mats are a yoga mat and yoga towel combined. The soft microfibre towel is heat bonded to the natural rubber yoga mat. This makes it ideal for hot yoga practices. Our mats also come in three thicknesses to suite your lifestyle.

The Infinity Mat is an anti-slip mat offering grip on the mat whether wet or dry. A natural tree rubber yoga mat is covered with a PU layer that is soft to the touch, ultra-grippy, and laser cut into a beautiful design.  This makes it suitable for all kinds of fitness programs. The Infinity Mat is also slightly thicker than the Combo Mat offering more cushion.



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