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walking in the red dirt going back to the garden.

This hot pant has a high and low waistband option that is elastic free so it won’t cut into you. Wear it to hot yoga or a night out on the town. Four way stretch to expand with your muscles in all movement, elastic free, breathable to reach the highest peaks, chafe resistant and antibacterial.

How true to size are teeki's pants?

- Our pants fit a little more snug, so as a rule of thumb size up to what you would normally wear. However, be sure to consult our size chart to make sure you'll be getting the perfect fit.


How do I care for my Teeki pants?

- Teekis love to be washed on a gentle cycle in cold water and hung to dry. We strongly recommend gentle, chemical-free laundry detergent. With this care, you can ensure longevity in your Teekis!


Why does my garment look slightly different than the picture online?

- All of our pieces are made one of a kind, and colors may vary due to our unique dying process. We assure quality in each piece we specially make with care. Any oddities are a part of the printing process and make your clothing individual to only you!


Do all Teekis fit the same way? 

- As with any fashion line, we carry a range of styles which all may look, feel, and fit differently. While we strive to maintain consistent sizing, each of our pant styles are original and unique. This is something we stand behind so that each fit is optimized with the design.

The best part about Teekis is that they offer generous stretch where needed, while offering just the right amount of compression to keep them feeling like a second skin.


79% recycled plastic
21% spandex

made with love in usa
California • Hawaii