Hazel Halter Crop - Navy


A high neckline, high impact bra for the highly fashionable.

Product Highlights

  • High impact support
  • High neckline
  • Jumping jack approved
  • Removable bra pads

                  The Deets

                  Looking for a bra that’s a bit different? The Hazel Halter Crop has you covered (Literally). With a high neckline for high performance, and a crop that falls a bit lower on the body than a standard bra. This little baby is truly the best of both worlds. You might even call it the cream of the crop.

                  Fit & Features

                  Hazel comes with removable bra pads for an extra boost. Stephanie (5’8”) is featured in a XS (0-2).

                  High support level is ideal for more jarring activities like jumping jacks, jogging, and burpees.