I'm just Here for the Savasana - YOGA TANK TOP - Tri-Indigo (Dark Blue)


This women’s racerback tank is versatile and flatters every body type. Made of a tri-blend of polyester, cotton and rayon and feels super soft! American Apparel made in USA.

Savasana. The rest. The relaxation. The nap. The best part of yoga.

Savasana is when you get to reap all the benefits of your yoga practice. It's when our body can heal itself from the inside out. In our fast paced go-go society, we tend to miss out on some much needed R&R time, so that's why we created this top!  This is for that moment when you've settled into a deep Savasana and your yoga teacher says "Begin to deepen your breath and bring movement into your fingers and toes", all you have to say in your head is "Naaaaamaste Right Here..."

The back middle of the tank is printed with the Inner Fire logo. Everything is hand-screen printed with eco-friendly water-based inks.

Sizing Info:

Chest Width:
S: 13.5 "
M: 14.5 "
L: 16"

Center Front Body Length:
S: 18"
M: 18-1/2"
L: 19-1/4"