All The Bubbles - Lilac Lavender Provence


Pure Lavender goes into this candle. We call lavender the quiet queen — she’s purple majesty, It’s an abundant scent. We imagine ourselves staying in Florence, in an exqusite Italian hotel, and in your room there would be crisp linens scented with lavender. Take me there. 

  • Wild lavender with lasting balsamic undertones
  • 100% all natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, vegan ingredients, natural dyes
  • 6cm all around, 150grams
  • Packaged in eco-friendly wooden boxes that are just the right size for gifts

We hand-pour each candle in the Scottish Borders using only natural soy wax, eco-friendly, vegan ingredients and natural dyes. Our natural soy wax is  sustainable, biodegradable, and vegan. Our wicks are organic cotton wicks. We add our own oil blends to our candles and each candle takes at least 6 hours to make. Our candles are lovingly poured in small batches so each and every one of our candles is totally unique and your very own. They are packaged in perfectly sized paper boxes, which you are encouraged to reuse.  

We love how our bubble candle looks so beautiful as décor on our coffee table, next to our jewelry dish or propped next to our favorite book or in the bathroom while we are enjoying our zen time. Fun and minimalistic, these candles are meant to spice up your decor. 

All our candles are hand made and hand poured in Scotland.
We highly recommend using these candles as decor; however, if you are keen to light it up, I would recommend placing a heatproof dish like this or ceramic plate or glass underneath to contain any wax remnants. If lit, the product shall not be left unattended.

Our candles are completely handmade and may have or may acquire small imperfections, such as frosting, however, it is completely normal, as it is one of the features of pure and natural soy wax. Our dyes and oil blends are also mixed by hand, so each candle might have a very minimally slight variation in the color than what your friend has too! Just wipe them with a dry cloth if they are dusty.

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Customer Reviews

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Sheena Lee

I bought 3 different All The Bubbles candles from Omgoing, and I cannot say for sure which is my favourite. They are absolutely gorgeous stacked up, and smell divine even when left as-is. Please do yourself a favour and get these. Don't hesitate like me, else you may miss out on getting your preferred scent!