Alpine - Driftwood & Indigo


A walk in the woods is sometimes all we need to be inspired, refreshed, and invigorated. This collection of 9.5 oz. forested fragrances will transport you to the trails when you can't make it. This cup is an enamel cup - make sure to repurpose it when you have finished burning the candle! 

Top Notes: Peppered Woods
Middle Notes: 
Fern Leaf, Spiced Citrus
Base Notes: Oriental Musk

Product Dimensions: 3.5" l x 3.5" w x 3.125" h

Size: 9.5 oz - burns up to 67 hours

Each Paddywax candle is hand-poured, using a combination of our clean-burning soy wax blend and our alluring fragrance oils. All of our wicks are made of 100% U.S. cotton! All of our soy wax comes from U.S farms. 

All of our candles are free of formaldehyde, phthalates, and animal-sourced ingredients making them safe, vegan, and cruelty-free.

This ensures that you are receiving clean burning, nontoxic candles. Because of this, you can be assured that their candles will not release toxic chemicals for you to breathe in.

How long do Paddywax candles burn?
The burn time of our candles varies depending on the vessel and the environment in which the candle is burning​. But as a rule of thumb: every ounce of wax gives 6-7 hours of burn time. So an 8 oz. candle would last up to 56 hours!

All individually handcrafted and painted in Nashville by artisans. 

Read more about how to take care of your candles here

Tips on using enamel cups:

- Do not clean your enamelware with vinegar, harsh abrasive materials, or detergents. For everyday cleaning, you may wash by hand with mild dish soap. These products are dishwasher safe so if you do choose to clean them in this manner, be sure to arrange the pieces so they won't bang against other dishes and chip.

Another excellent advantage of having enamel mugs in your kitchen collection is that they do not shatter when dropped onto the floor. Unlike glass or ceramic mugs (which can shatter into sharp, messy pieces), the enamel mug might attain some chips if it had an unfortunate tumble; but as long as you give them proper care, they’re still perfectly serviceable! 

- Remember to repurpose these enamel cups! From the shelves of your kitchen to the bathroom counter and even in your kids’ playroom or the desk at your office – this trendy enamel mug will just enhance the overall aesthetic of any room. 

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