Behind the Scenes - Come Along with us on our Photoshoot May 06 2014

We have met sooo many lovely people during our 3 year journey and our recent model Hannah is 1 of them. She is not only one of the nicest, prettiest, most flexible ladies we have met, she is multi - talented. Alicia and I spotted her on IG and I DM-ed her to ask if she was interested to work with us and lucky for us, she was. We worked with Hannah on our new Popraegous Shoot and you can see the launch photos here

The Poprageous launch was a very successful one and you can see the products at our store here

She has also done a super nice video for us and you can see behind the scenes footage of our photoshoot - lots of sweat, changing under the hot singapore weather but super fun. 

Thank you so much Hannah. We really love this video. 

You can find out more about Hannah on her Facebook and IG